Not Communicating with controller

I did the upgrade and now it tells me that it doesn’t see the conjtroller

“The upgrade”? Do you mean you upgraded LightBurn, or your controller? When you say, “it tells me it doesn’t see the controller”, how is it telling you this, or where? A few more details will help.

The console says waiting for connection
Machine Settings says Communication with controller failed
I have upgraded my controller and the LightBurn Software
Makes it hard to find the problem

Controller is the Demon designed by Phil Johnson
I have it set up and working fine on my XCarve in router mode.
I have a DPDT switch to send the same voltage I use for my IoT to the JTech Laser
I have $32=1

With any controller, if the controller is on when you start LightBurn, and you either pick it from the controller list or it’s the default, it tries to connect right away. You’ll see a message in the console saying 'GRBL 1.1f… or similar, and it’ll home if homing is enabled. If you don’t have the controller chosen, or it didn’t auto-find it, you might have to choose the COM port, or add the controller to the list.

I haven’t heard of a “Demon by Phil Johnson” before, but it looks like an Arduino Uno, presumably running GRBL, so if you just choose the COM port from the list next to the Devices button, it might work. If you’re still running Easel, it won’t - only one thing can talk to it at a time.

Thanks Oz!
That was it. The new controller wanted COM6 and previously it was set for COM3

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