Not cutting a line without removing it

I am using my laser cutter to cutout foam board with parts for RC airplanes.
There are many lines on the plans (converted PDF to SVG) that are not required to be cut, but I would rather not remove them from the plans. I know I can set the laser power to zero, but it will still trace the path. Is there a way to unassign a cut color? Can I just remove a cut color from the “CUTS” window, or do I have to individually remove the assignments line by line.
There are a hundred or so cross hatch marks xxxxxxxx I do not need lasered.

You can uncheck the output check box in the Cuts Window for the layers you don’t need


Duh… Why didn’t I see that?
I think I was so happy that I got it to start doing what I wanted, I over looked that part.
MAJOR time saver.
Thank you.

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