Not cutting acrylic evenly primarily in the lower right section

I am cutting 1/4 inch acrylic; my mirror alignment is pretty good; i was cutting this fine a few days ago but now with i cut items out of a 12 x24 inch piece, by the time it gets to the far right and expcially the lower right corner it is not cutting all the way through. so i figured just move the material to the left more and that should solve it; but it doesnt; still not cutting through

i also feel i am using way to much power/slwo speed ( i used to have a trotec and downgraded) but my 100 watt is runing at 80% at 5mm - seems something is off
any guidance appreciated

“Pretty good” needs to be near perfect on the far end, or at least a happy medium between all 4 corners. Also, check the lens and mirrors for anything on them. When I start noticing a decrease in cutting capability, or wider than normal kerf, those are the 2 I check, and find at least one of them at fault.
Only other thing I can suggest is check airflow. I was having a problem with things not cutting the whole way through. Turned out I was pushing too much air, and it never really heated up enough to finish the cut. Turned down the air, and the cuts are like polished glass on the edges.
Good luck.
(my 100W cuts at acrylic at 40% and 20ipm without issue)

Any loss of power is generally a flaw in the basics of the optical path or source.

  1. properly working tube
  2. clean and aligned optics
  3. proper focus

If you have these three, they work…

It happening in a solitary corner can be any of the three but most likely you are good enough to focus the machine so I’d save that for last.

I’ve seen it occur from a poor alignment, dirty mirrors/lenses and also from a tube going out of TEM00 mode.

Check the three… start at 1