Not cutting after upgrade to 0.9.07

hi all, yesterday i upgraded from 0.9.04 Beta to 0.9.07 on the PC which is connected to the laser cutter and the laser will not fire when i start the cut program, the machine moves no problem but nothing from the laser. I tested the laser using the pulse button with no issues. i then used my other laptop still running 0.9.04 Beta to run the cut program with no issues, parts cut out fine, so i believe this to be an update error or a new setting which i’ve not setup properly.

i’m not sure if i have jumped too far between updates or there is a new setting in this version that i have missed but i don’t seem to be able to find it and i cant get the laser to fire in this version

i am running win10 and a Ruida 6445G controller using the Ethernet connection. Cut parts were drawing in lightburn, just a simple circle part.

any help would be appreciated

Go to Edit > Machine Settings, scroll to the bottom, and enable Laser Tube 1

RDWorks seems to ignore that setting, but LightBurn doesn’t. :slight_smile:

thankyou OZ, worked perfectly

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