Not cutting to size and not using whole bed sizes

Hi everyone am new to world of laser engraving, Am having issues with my machine, It is not cutting to size that I pick or using the how bed sizes, my bed size is 800mmx800mm(31.5inx31.5in) and the first thing I cut I wanted it 11inx11in and it only cut it 2 3/4in 2 3/4in…

For the step calibration you’ll need to adjust $100, $101, $102.

Here’s a page from LightBurn that explains the concept around how to determine the size:
Steps / mm - LightBurn Software Documentation

You can also do this experimentally. In this case 11x11 inches went to 2.75x2.75 inches. So you’d want to increase your values by 4x.


Rerun your test and measure again. Make adjustments as necessary. Note that the units for these settings is steps/mm.

As for bed, are you certain the whole bed size is not being addressed? Or is it just a matter of the steps/mm being incorrect?

Check $130, $131 for max travel in mm.

Thank you, that was it.

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