Not Cutting When Increased Power with TopWisdom

When increasing power or decreasing power the cutting depth remains the same. I have increased and decreased the speed as well and there is no change. It will cut to about 1/16" maximum when using cedar. I have tested the laser tube and I have 100 watts. Should I be looking at something other than TopWisdom as this is what came with the machine. Any suggestions on replacing the controller?

What actual settings are you using? As in what speed (with units), min power, max power, etc did you use? DSP controllers handle things in specific ways, and if you’re new and don’t realize this, you might be chasing the wrong thing. Posting more specifics about what you’ve tried will help.

I’m new at this game. Probably my biggest set back comes from not understand the not so great translation to English that TopWisdom provides in the manual. When it comes to settings…Honestly off hand I can’t remember specifics. I think if tried everything as far as max & min power. I’ve tried faster speeds and also, slow enough that the wood actually starts to burn.