Not engraving from top to bottom

I’m brand new to LightBurn and I’m wondering why my layers do not engrave systematically from top to bottom. It engraves top left, then middle, then top right, then bottom left, then back to top left, so on and so forth. Is there a way to make it go from top to bottom for each layer? Can I select multiple parts of my .svg file I import into LightBurn? It seems all parts of my .svg file are already selected into layers.

Not really sure what you mean by “It engraves top left, then middle, then top right, then bottom left, then back to top left,” - a pic would help.

If you mean that various objects get burned in no particular order, group them and set optimisation settings to group - it will complete each group before going on to the next.

There are a number of options that affect the order of things. LightBurn tries to choose an optimal path through the job that reduces the amount of wasted travel time, but it also depends on how the job is set up - if you have multiple shapes in different colors, the default is to engrave each layer in layer order (though this can be changed too).

If you’re super new, I’d recommend working through this until you’re done the ‘Simple project’, as it’ll help get you a little more used to how things work:

You can select parts of your imported SVG and edit them, change the color (layer) assignments and so on. You might need to un-group the shapes first if they were grouped - you can tell if something is grouped or not based on the selection pattern - if the selected shape is showing dashes, it’s not in a group. If it shows an alternating dot-dash pattern, it’s grouped, and would need to be ungrouped to edit it.

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