Not enough power to cut properly

Hi I’m new with this but I have been using an iMac which was set up perfectly but now using and old acer laptop and I lost all my settings for the laser, how can I get it to cut deep like it was before I can’t work out the settings for it at all?
Thanks in advance

LightBurn provides a way to transfer your setup and setting to a different computer with a few steps.

You can ‘Export’ your device profile, then ‘Import’ on the new system. For any Library files, copy the .CLB and .LBART files you want to transfer. I would also look to duplicate the fonts installed on the old system as well to ensure all previous files work as expected.

If you cannot find / use the same font on this new computer, convert the existing text to paths first on the old computer, then they will produce as expected when run without access to the original font.

Oh amazing thanks so much I will try this