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I have problems with Lightburn. I wanted to cut a 3 mm thick poplar plywood panel at 80% laser power and 200 mm/min speed. Unfortunately, the laser only cut to the middle. I found this very strange because I had always used this setting and it worked fine. I did not make any changes to the programme.
I did the job with LaserGRBL at 800 laser power and 200 mm/min. speed.
Conclusion: the laser is fine but what’s wrong with Lightburn?
I would be very grateful if you could give me a tip.
Many thanks in advance. My machine is Atomstack A20 pro

If you’re comfortable sharing your project file here, that will allow us to get a better look at your settings and see if we can spot any potential issues.

With that said, one common issue that could be causing the power difference you’re seeing is failing to take note of the units you’re using in LightBurn versus LaserGRBL. If your job is set to 200 mm / min in LaserGRBL, but 200 mm / sec in LightBurn, that will lead to significantly reduced power output.

You can read more about that here:

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Thank you for your reply first of all.
No no. The settings were the same in both GRBL and Lightburn.
I tried again with the same results.
kind regards

Confirm your S-Value max is set correctly.

My Laser Machine is: Atomstack A 20 pro

Any pics for you.

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