Not getting enough power

I just started using Lightburn and I’m connected to the laser using the Ethernet port.

I have a problem and not sure how to correct it.

When I try to cut my setting is 15 speed and 60 power and the MA meter reads 04.
When I change the power percentage the MA Meter shows 04.

In RDWorks with the above settings the MA meter shows 22.

I’m not able to cut all the way through.

In RDWORKS all is perfect.

So, I think there might be a settings that my need to be changed.

What am I missing???



What do you have the Min Power value set to?

The power setting is two values, Min Power and Max Power. When cutting slowly, depending on your controller firmware settings, it’s possible that it’s only using the Min Power value. You haven’t said what the Min setting is in either LightBurn or RDWorks. You’d need to set both in each software for the comparison to be meaningful.

The min and max are set the same.


Post your project file here, or email it to (with a link to this thread) so I can have a look.

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