Not going home after cutting

I’m using the ortur laser master 2 with lightburn. after a cut finishes i believe it is supposed to move back to home position. But when mine finishes it starts to move but shuts down due to machine movement. It sounds as if the x or y axis is going to fast and spinning on the belts. I’ve tightened belts which seem to be pretty tight. Is there a speed setting somewhere I haven’t found?

The ‘rapid speed’, used for non-cutting moves, is just the maximum travel speed as set by the firmware settings. If you haven’t changed them, they’re what Ortur set them to be, so it’s a bit silly that they’d make them high enough to trigger the movement sensor. There may be a setting in the firmware to reduce the sensitivity of it, or you could lower the acceleration settings, maximum travel rate settings, or both.

These are the normal GRBL settings:

$110 / $111 are maximum speed, and $120 / $121 are acceleration.

Yep. That fixed it. Thank you!!

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