Not straight line/Out of position when engraving

Hi all. I am having an issue with my HL-1060N laser burning straight lines. The line is not straight as it should, any ideas? I have tighten the belts, check the linear guide and replace controller, psu, it did not help. Do anyone met such issue?
Thank you in advance.

That type of slight shift on some shapes suggests to me that the pulley driving the axis off of the motor may be slightly loose, if it’s not friction fit. Even if your belts are sufficiently tight and have low backlash, the shaft itself can still have poor connection to the pulley.

If you have “fill shapes individually” that’d align with that behavior only showing up on some shapes and not all.

Thank you for the information! The slight shift did get better when I use “fill shapes individually”, I check the Synchronous wheel belt and it is tight. I am confusing if it is caused by software or hardware right now.

That likely reduced the acceleration your laser attempts to achieve. You’ll definitely want to check the pulley isn’t damaged, and is sufficiently tight on the shaft of that axis’ motor.

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