Not sure if Lightburn can do this or not

Running a China Red/Black 150W Co2 laser with Ruida controller.

So what I am trying to do is cut a map with roads, leaving the roads and cutting the space next to them out. I have no problem with that but what I am not sure of is the ending on the roads. I need to have an edge to cut away the spaces but not cut off the ends of the roads to make 2 separate pieces.
I have tried to change the cut option to not cut overlapping line. I have tried all the boolean options on the left bar which none seemed to work.
Not sure if I would just have to do the long tedious job of manually deleting the ends of the roads and drawing a line on the other parts.
I added a picture of what I currently have which is around a 10"x10" piece.


Are you sure you tried all boolean operations and tried each one both ways in terms of which of the two graphics you chose first? Everything hinges on which one you choose first and which one you choose second before then performing the operation. I know because a made a number of custom map cutouts. Here is an example. The outer shape/frame is a circle versus a square shape, but the concept is the same.

I must have been doing something wrong as I kept losing almost half my streets.

For yours, did you have the streets with a circle around them and then the outside of the circle?

If I remember correctly, I used a smaller circle to combine with the map to do the boolean operation which created the circle-shaped section of streets. I then added the final slightly larger outer circle as a separate final step to create the pattern that could then cut correctly as you see it. You would just use squares instead of circles.

I got it to work. Thank you!!

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