Notes on availability of update 1.4.01

Recently when first booting up and into Lightburn I got the message that update V1.4.01 was available. I downloaded it and applied it to Lightburn. Now when I access Lightburn the updated version number (1.4.01) appears in the upper left hand of the program. The problem is that now, each time I load Lightburn I still get the message that a new version 1.4.01 is available. How do I stop this?

If I remember correctly, there was a quick patch released to 1.4.01 after initial release. You likely have the version before that patch. It’s telling you that there is an update available to your version. To make it go away, download that patch and install it so that your installed version matches the version on the update server. It keeps telling you there is an update for a reason.

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