Nothing on screen

When I drag an icon to create box, circle, text it doen’t show in lightburn. If I select in the area the dots where these items should be but nothing else. I did use Ctrl when selecting earlier???

Click on the ‘Rectangle’ tool icon, then move the mouse into the workspace, click and drag to start creating the rectangle. Same for the ‘Circle’ tool. ‘Text’ is started similarly, click the text tool icon, slide the mouse into the workspace and click once. You should now see a text cursor. Start typing to see the text.

Our documentation is worth review.

Thank you, i also lost in the menu my the box for setting square & circle sizes???

Click the Window menu at the top and choose the first option, ‘Reset to Default Layout’ to restore all windows and toolbars. Also covered in the documentation, here: Menus - LightBurn Software Documentation

Window Menu

Reset to Default Layout

To arrange the windows and menus back to the original default layout, click on “Reset to Default Layout” You can use the Window menu to toggle windows and menus on or off.

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