Nothing wrong with L.B

Hello OZ: I found the cause of my horz. burning problem. I am 15 years retired electrical engineer so it took some time to get my brain working again. So I dug out the old scope and guess what I found! (this is going to be fun).
#1 – I am running LB 9.24 and I can now say that LB does NOT have any problems that I can find other than operator caused problems !!!
#2 – I have one laser sitting about 2’ to my right side and another sitting about 2’ to my left side and I was running both lasers at the same time. I built my own blast shields, as I call them, so I can keeping on working on my projects without having to wear my safety glasses. My screen is in front of me between the two lasers and my pc is sitting on the floor.
#3 – Keeping everything neat I ran all my cables through cable wraps. That was a mistake. My scope showed that I was getting induced signals from one laser to the other through the usb cables. That was half of my problem. The other half is my pc.
#4 – My pc is 15 years old, 4 hard drives, 2 dvd reader/burners, 2 cd reader/writers and one 3-1/2" floppy. I named this monster the “beast”. 22" deep, 20" tall, 10" wide and weighs 52 lbs.
The beast was last updated about 12 years ago and even today I’m still running windows 7 pro.
This old beast is not fast enough or big enough to do it all, but it still does it all, just a lot slower and only one project at a time.
#5 – So, don’t run all your hardware cables through the same cable wraps. Make sure that your OS is big and fast enough to run several machines at once if that is what you want to do.
#6 – My final thoughts for the day. – I have found NOTHING wrong with LightBurn. It does everything I want it to do. And with my 75 days now of being a laser hobbyist I am learning a lot of new things everyday from this wonderful forum and from light burn itself.
Thank you LightBurn and all of L.B. forum members.
Randy Cline


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