Novice and a newbie to this world.. what am I doing wrong?

I really need help on pictures. Ugh! I can’t get them to come out right. I thought I inverted the picture like I was supposed to but it just came out demonic looking! Anyone have any suggestions? I’m all ears! TIA!

If I did it right, I uploaded the demonic picture lol

Patience and a bunch of testing. :slight_smile: There are no shortcuts or ‘Easy’ button. Excelling at producing an image as you’d like, requires testing, and more testing. Testing how your laser produces a given image on a particular material. All this testing really help save in the long run. I note the canvas, and understand the expense when things don’t produce as expected. I like to suggest testing on cardboard or box material to start. It is inexpensive, and you may be more willing to run additional test, dialing in your workflow and process. Start the learning with a good quality image. This will be the test image that you will keep using to compare the testing and adjustments along the way. Did I mention, “Patience and a bunch of testing. :)”

We do provide a place to start. Along with the rest of our documentation, this section, focused on image production settings and options, is worth review. :slight_smile:

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So…patience and a lot of testing?! Got it! :wink: Cardboard… that’s a good inexpensive way to learn, thank you for mentioning!

Thank you for the encouragement! I am out of my element on this one so, I just need to learn to enjoy the leaning process!

Thank you again!

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