Nozzle rule of thumb?

I recently purchased 1.5" lens for finer detail, and a 4" lens to reach those surfaces in places like a bowl, places with a brim. When I purchased the lenses I was under the impression they came with necessary Nozzles, but nope. I have an Aeon Mira 7 60w CO2. I have looked for nozzles, but all of them have that Airflow hose port, but my achines airflow is through the gantry. I found a tutorial by That Mom With A Laser. She uses the exact same machine as my, and showed how to swap the lens (which is pretty much done anytime you clean it), but she doesnt even touch on the Nozzle, and nothing in description.
Does anyone know what I should be looking for and were? Does the 1.5" require a different nozzle? Im under the impression that with the 1.5, the only difference is that you can’t auto focus. Same applies with 4" after nozzle. But can you get the fine detail with 1.5" even if the gantry isn’t able to get as close enough to the material?

Before posting, I did a pretty thorough search using google, reddit, and here, with no specific success… but admittedly Ive been known to search for my keys every where but the top of the dresser. So, please forgive me if I missed the obvious.

The left is for cutting, engraving on the right…


Does this answer your questions?

If not, can you provide links to the machine and the lenses…?


Ok… I think I was using wrong terminology… Is it “shaft” and then Nozzle?
Mira 7
Youtube video I was going based off. She has the same model as me.
4" lens I purchased

But now that you bring it up, the nozzle (the tip that attaches to the base of the shaft?) affects cutting/engraving? Ive been using the manufacturers provided nozzle.

See if you can locate it via this link…

If you can measure it and tell us if it’s threaded internally, you might be able to use one of the C series lens tubes.

Good luck, let us know…


So, are “tube” “nozzle” and “lens extension” all terms that refer to the same thing? Or are “Tube” and Lens extension one thing, but the “Nizzle” is the tip, the part closest to the material? Is it best/necessary to get the nozzle (assuming that is the term for the tip) that matches the lens focal dimension? IE, if using a 1.5" lens, use the appropriate nozzle…
Or are the nozzles/tips used specifically for better accuracy for the job, one type for cutting and one type for engraving, regardless of lens and tube?
Also, the 4" lens and higher (if higher is supported by machine) is the only time you need a tube right? Or are there exceptions based on scenario? For instance, in the case of thatmomwithalaser, she was using it to reach a surface that was obstructed by the brim. But are there circumstance where you’d have a 4"+ lens, but not need a tube, perhaps if wanting to cut thicker material?

Mine measure 0.894" across the same area…

What does the opposite end look like?

All of my lenses are contained within the tube or the nozzle itself… the lens on this is different…

Have you obtained the lens and need the tube?

The focus distance of the lens will be the same tube or no tube. Usually the tube has air assist going through it…


Please let me know if I misunderstood what you were needing. Also, thank you so very much for always being so helpful! Deeply deeply appreciated.

I just bought 3 more lens tubes and they look very similar, but they are not designed to screw into the head…

I want the nozzle close to the material when I cut, allowing air assist to help me cut/clear the material away…

How is the tube attached to the head?


Would this Nozzle be appropriate/safe for 1.5? I assume it’d be fine based on my understanding of the information you’ve given, but I want to make sure. My understanding now is that the nozzle (the tip that’s closest to the material) and the tube are purely for airflow.
Also, I’m gonna stay with this thread/forum so we aren’t jumping back and forth between here and reddit.
Also, the head and nozzle are a bit scratched up because of a ridiculously stupid mistake I made early early on. It wasn’t even a Noob mistake… just me not using my head. But it did not damage or affect the lasering.

Oh wow… she really is some sort of official part lol.

Generally speaking, my nozzle rule of thumb is to use my small diameter orifice for everything that requires high pressure cutting - most things. I switch to a larger orifice for when high flow, low pressure is needed (Acrylic)

The lens tube I have has two sides, and a spacer that threads on, so you can adjust where the focal point is in relation to the tip of the nozzle. If incorrectly spaced, the nozzle can impinge on the beam.

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