Number of passes

I draw for example 1 rectangle (A) with a circle (B) in it with 4 passes.
The software make 4 passes for the rectangle and after 4 passes for the circle.
How can I do to have 1 passes with the rectangle and the circle and again and again 4 time.
Not 4 x A + 4 x B but I want : 1 (A+B) + 1 (A+B) + 1 (A+B) + 1 (A+B).
I don’t know if it’s clear :slight_smile:

Hi, I guess you could ‘duplicate’ 3 times and put them on seperate layers.

Just right click the image, duplicate is in the menu.
You could also leave it set as it is and ‘pause’ after each burn.

Thx I’ll try that … Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

create a group with the 2 items at a time and decide in the Cut Settings Editor whether you want to run them individually or as a group

Thank you good idea :ok_hand:
Now I have two ways to do that.
Thanks all.

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