Nvem ethernet controller

Hi I’m new to this forum.
Thanks for letting me a part of this community.

I build my cnc /3d/laser ingraver.
Currently with arduino grbl.
It works great with lightburn.
And vectric for cnc applications.
I want to upgrade to nvem v2 ethernet controller,because i know it works great with vcarve.
I can’t find any information on lightburn and nvem ethernet controller.only ruida ethernet.
Does anyone nows if nvem works with lightburn.
Hope you can help me.
Thanks ahead


I’ve never heard of that controller, and can’t find any information about how to talk to it, supported command set, etc, so I suspect it’s just a “dumb playback” unit for step/direction feeds from Mach3.

Hi sorry for late reply . Its a commenly used ethernet controller, not to expensive.
I see cnc users use it frequently (mach 3/4 enz enz).
Before a buy one . For my cnc i was wondering if lightburn can communicate with it as you describe its a simple controller from novusun https://www.nvcnc.net/nvum.html.
From YouTube users its a good controller .
Thanks for your reply i hope you can guide me .
Im sure it will help ful for many cnc user that wants to switch to laser. Best regards

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