Nylon plastic problem

Hello, I am new to this forum.
Not sure if this is the right section to post this.

So I have an ortur laser master 2 (20w) and I plan to engrave on nylon plastic. I have done many tests and they have so far came out not as I’d liked. Tried adjusting both the speed and the power and can’t get a good engraving.

Please see the photos below:

As you can see, the inside bits go all bubbly, is there anything I am doing wrong and anyone know how I can improve it? or is this material not suitable?

Thank you.

That doesn’t look like nylon.

Nylon is white or yellow/white.

I asked the supplier of the item I plan to engrave on. They said it is nylon pa

While I don’t know anything about cutting plastics / nylon, it just looks to me that your using too much power.
I would try to use the least amount of power to “etch” the surface.
(maybe more speed and way less power)
Also, I would try the Norton method for engraving tiles.
Yes,Yes, I know there is a difference, but it just may be worth a try.
Its being used to engrave acrylic, so why not nylon.
Just a thought.

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Thanks for your advice.
Let me try again tomorrow.
The Norton method seems interesting, it is something I also want to try out.

The Ortur documentation does not reccomend that material for engraving. It says it does not burn but bubbles instead when using your laser. It looks like that is what is happening. Sorry.

What is the Norton method? I am new here.

Do a search on Bulldog.
You’ll find it.

bonding paint to ceramic tile.

Thank you


If you are on Facebook, this group will get you acquainted with the Norton Method. Relevant material is in the Files and Units sections.

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