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Hello Guys

Any way to edit object spacing?


For existing objects? Not directly / numerically, no. You can select the objects and use the distribute functions:

The top row is the original set of objects. Then middle row is spaced evenly by center distances, and the bottom row is spaced with equal distances between them.


I was hoping for different answer. No worries, thanks for the speedy reply as always. Cheers!

What are you trying to do, exactly? If you can elaborate, there might be another way. The grid array, for example, will let you evenly space objects, but it makes the duplicates. If you already have a bunch of objects that you want to arrange, it’s a bit different, but still possible a number of ways.

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Let’s say I have 6 circles That I spaced .25" and then I wanted to edit and space .5" is that possible without starting from scratch?

Are they all in a line? (Horizontal? Vertical? Diagonal?)

Horizontal line.

i believe he is asking about parametric dimensioning , like in fusion360.

Lets say these are spaced 1" and then I realized I need .5"

There’s not an way to edit the spacing. It could be added - it wouldn’t be terribly complex to do because we already have most of the code for it in the distribute functions.

The simplest suggestion I have right now is manually, like this:

Using the snaps, move one object so it’s touching the first one:

Then, in the position box, just add 5" to whatever the existing value is:


Move the next object so it’s touching the 2nd one, and repeat the process. The equations make it easy to move things by specific amounts.


OK Thanks for the help.

Also, would be pretty quick to delete all but one, edit that the size of it, then go to Arrange > Grid / Array and tell it to make 6 total columns, 1 row, 0.5" apart.

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Yes that’s like starting from scratch. :smiley:

I mean, yes. But it’s quicker than manually entering coordinate locations :wink: Just another option.
It would be cool though to have the option to select objects and then specify an object spacing. Like @LightBurn said, we probably could add something like that.

That is the way I do it. Thanks.

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I did a search on our Feature Request site for a similar request to no avail, so I added it here:

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