Objects Not Staying Grouped After File Is Reloaded

I have noticed that I will tightly arrange separate detailed pieces and the group them separately, but when I load into my file the next day nothing will be grouped anymore and I will have to regroup objects all over again, which is difficult since I placed everything say tightly. Is this intentional Lightburn behavior or am I doing something wrong?

This is not intentional. Are you saving to a LightBurn project file and using ‘Open’ to reload it? Or are you exporting to some other format, or using ‘Import’ to reload it?

No, I am strictly working in Lightburn. It seems to be a little random, sometimes it keeps the groups and others it loses them. I have a sneaky suspicion that it might have something to do with having two instances of lightburn open at once, but im not sure. I will let you know when It happens again, and what i was doing at the time. I was just womdering if there were known issues with losing grouping.

Before you close do you hit the save?

I am saving to a lightburn file, and using open and other times using recent projects. I think I may have noticed it when opening an additional instance of lightburn, and switching between the 2 instances, but I cant really confirm. I was wondering If this issue happens to other users, or if maybe I am doing something wrong to cause it. I will let you know when I have a better example of when this occurs.

yes I do hit save, and if I dont it will remind me before it closes. Also, a group will become ungrouped even If I havent recently edited it a long while, and It always seems to be the whole project at once, so these grouped objects would have been already saved days before in some cases.

Update: So it happened again mid project, but this time I noticed that it happened to just one layer. The strange thing this time was that It would not let me undo anything after it happened, even the actions I took just before that had nothing to do with grouping. This kinda makes me think this is some kind of bug. The inability to undo has also happened to me with multi-node selecting/editing, but in that case I could undo the actions prior.

Some of the things I was doing specifically before this happened were, hiding and showing the layer repeatedly, and using the cut shapes tool(on different layers).

The only other thing that comes to mind is that everything on this layer has been copied and pasted from the same source object, so maybe that was why they were all affected?

I believe this is also causing my problem with alignments and inverted text after saving…

I stopped using multiple instances and the problem went away (so far) so I am fine with that.

Multiple instances shouldn’t be a problem for this, unless you have them set to different origins.