Objects position at x:-0.000 y:-0.000

Hi there,

I have multiple projects with objects that are aligne at X pos 0 and Y pos 0
Since the last update, these objects put themselves systematically at X pos -0.000 and Y pos -0.000 for an unknown reason and also unreadable for the preview and engraving.
It took me half an hour to find out about that (these Lightburn files were good for a long time).
Any way to avoid that and have to change the X/Y pos everytime I open the project?

Thank you very much!
Stay safe.

The object positions haven’t changed, but we show more precision now in the position boxes. The only thing that has changed is that the newer version will remove shapes that are out of bounds, and didn’t allow even a micron of imprecision. The next release fixes this, but in the meantime you can turn off the check in the file settings:

Thank you for the help!

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