Odd cut size inconsistency

Hiya and good day to all. I was designing and cutting a series of test files to use with 6mm BB in order to make a display stand using print and cut. During the testing, I was cutting a series of tabs and slots to check for fit. Once I had the fit that I liked, I transferred the measurements over to my main file for the display and proceeded to cut.

Once I was finished (took me a bit of time being my first time using P&C - boy did I learn a lot) when I was checking the fit of my slots, they all ran small, by about 1/2mm-ish. Not a huge deal but enough so that the tabs didn’t fit cleanly as they had during test. First thought that I had was that I screwed up so I went back and checked my measurements in my main file against what I had used in the test files and there were no discrepancies.

My first P&C job was my test for that any ways so I chalked it up to an anomaly and proceeded to cut the actual pieces for the display. They all turned out like my test cut, a bit undersized.

To double check, I went back in and cut a couple of tests of just the tab and slot without it being part ot a larger file and they cut just fine and were at the correct size.

I double checked my overall measurements for the main file to make sure that I didn’t resize something inadvertently and I hadn’t.

So I’m a bit stumped. I can very easily file out the slots for this project but really don’t want to have to do that consistently on everything. Any ideas as to what I can check? It wouldn’t surprise me if there was some little setting or trick that I’m missing.

Thanks in advance for any and all help or tips that you come up with.

Do you have kerf offset turned on in your real file? Double click on the cut layer to check that. I suggest you create a test for the P&C in your real file, off to the side, select “Cut Selected graphics” and cut only them to see if there might be something in the cut settings that is different from your test file.

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Thanks. I’m pretty sure I do not have kerf offset turned on as I’ve never touched it but who knows. And I’ll try that suggestion about testing within my main file using P&C and cut selected graphics as that never occurred to me. Cheers

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