Odd question: Laser weight

These are the 80w machines being sold on ebay at the moment.
Dimensions of the laser bed: 700 x 500 mm

The whole machine weights about 180kg
But… does anyone know how much the weight is of the legs and/or the laser itself?

The reason I am asking is I am pondering buying a second laser machine… but curious how much it takes to get it to the spot I need the machine to be :wink:

Takes you 2 person (3 in my case due to very small staircase) and 1h work.
On mine, the legs have been bolted to the laser and I removed them and carried both separate into my workshop in the cellar.

Hey Roy,

That is EXACTLY what I intend to do. But my friends started complaining that the machine is too heavy top get it into the basement workshop.

The complete weight is because of all the add ons. If you remove hoses, fan, compressor etc. it is not that heavy anymore. And in two parts it is o.k…
Give them a good steak and it will work :wink:

Thanks for the swift reply.

:wink: guess I have to heat up my Kamado!

Hi Bjørn, I’m in the same situation, the same machine and down in my basement workshop. But not so much the weight is my problem, it is the measurements that worry me more.
Would you please send me a link to the machine you intend to buy? (I assume you have found a dealer within the EU)


Hey Bernd,

I also had the dimension problem!
But… I found out that the legs can be unscrewed and then the smallest dimension is 51 cm! And it will fit through my door!
This image was sent by them to me.
(they ship from Germany)

thank you very much

I bought a 700 x 500 red&black and moved it mostly alone along a section of gravel driveway, up 2 stairs, through a 29" doorway, around a corner and up one more step and in to it’s final position.
Wife helped push up the stairs and guide through the doorway but I could have done it alone.

Once the legs and all the accessories like blower and stuff are removed the rest is a pretty manageable weight. I’m just a fat old man and not a particularly muscular example of one, but I’m pretty good with the “R’s” of moving stuff. (Rails, rollers, ramps, rope)
A lot of the moving was done by putting rollers made of PVC pipe under the machine and just rolling it along.
I put “rails” made of 2x4 lumber down on the gravel driveway to give the rollers a smooth rolling surface.

Hey Hank,

If you are around… I want to give you a beer and you show me how it’s done! :wink:
haha seriously but you have given me the confidence to click on order… (almost)

Bjørn, I am on a sideline and follow your experiences with this supplier and this machine and hope everything goes as expected and that you keep us informed.

If you were about 8000km closer I would gladly accept that beer and help you move it!

Take it slow, don’t wreck your back our drop it on your foot and you’ll be fine.
If there are stairs on your route then it’s also nice to have a come-along or block and tackle to help with the pulling and to keep the machine from accidentally making a high speed run back to the bottom…

I bought 60W, same size machine, from this supplier.
Delivery was very fast, 5 days, actually much faster than promised.
I had two problems with that machine:
1st the external USB port was not working. It was the connecting cable between controller and machine frame. He told me to buy this from EBAY and he made a full refund of the purchase price.
2nd the tube made two half moons on every mirror and power was not good. He asked for some pictures of firing to mirror 1 In 3 different power settings and send a new tube afterwards. Actually, after cleaning the tube outlet and turning the lens upside down (it was mounted the wrong way) power of the old tube is o.k… Which means I do have a spare tube now.

From my experience with this seller I can recommend him.

uha …, now there are not many excuses left for not buying a new machine. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

by the way, how much did you pay in transport ?, I read that they were only free transport within Germany.

Well, I live in Germany. It was free for me.

This I did not guess, Roy sounds more English to me, your lucky man. :wink:
What have you chosen to cool the laser with? and, is the extraction usable and the noise acceptable?

I started with a CW-3000, but in the meantime I switched to a CW-5200 and ste it up to 20°C. Extraction with the included fan is O.K. but it is quite noisy. So I will change it sooner or late to an in line fan.

Sadly… I agree… not much excuses left;)
Shipping is steep!

550 euros or something.

So mirrors and tube problems

There is also this package:

Say Roy,

Why did you switch to the CW 5200 if I may ask?