Odd results when burning

New user here. I’m using Lightburn to engrave some text on a backlit panel. Getting inconsistent results. Settings are the same for all text. But you can see that the text in the lower right (ENG/AVIONICS and SUB PANEL) is perfect. While the other, not as much. Also, notice the vertical line. All part of the same layer but Lightburn has made a real mess of the vertical line, overburning it. But it’s all one object and it’s on the same layer… so … what’s up with that? Any ideas on what I should do to improve. As you can see… this panel is now toast. A lot of hours down the drain.

Also, why are the machine controls for jogging microscopic in size? I am using a touch pad to jog and it’s nearly impossible. I saw in a post some time ago that keyboard support was coming … that would be a godsend, but at a minimum, make the jog panel a reasonable size… maybe a modal panel that makes it reasonable to use. Not sure if it’s just my machine but this seems unusable.

Can you please take a screengrab of your “cuts/layers” tab? Please use “shift”+“windows”+the “S” key to take a screenshot. They aren’t on the same layer, in your screenshot you have a red object and blue object, those are different layers. You should set the blue objects to whatever you have for the red objects.

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You can use this tool on the side to move the laser to where ever you want.

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Great tip! Thanks Willie!!!
I’ll get the layer info in a bit. I’m away from my computer now.

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