OemTech 50W Laser - Where is the best place to put camera?

I am a newbie and I have not been able to get the camera focused and correctly placed.
The cover does not open as wide as others. I believe I need at least a min of 8.75 inches, that is why I purchased the 160 . I have to attach it to the plexiglass as that seems to be where it mounts ok and looks as centered as I can get, but I can’t go too much as it would interfere with the laser.
I purchased the 160 degree Lightburn camera and holder.
I do not have very much time with it and I am thinking of selling. I bought it in November of last year.
I am a visual person and would love the camera to work correctly, but as of yet… no go.
Did I purchase the correct camera or is there another option?
I am replacing the holder as one of the tabs broke off and I have it taped together.
I get good readings and then when I try to burn just a square where the center should be it is not aligned. It is lower and to the right at this point.
Any suggestions? As you can see I can use help.

use own judgement when it come to place your camera. there is not a specific place set as standard to place it.

The walkthroughs in the documentation and on YouTube are worth review as they are detailed and cover many aspects of a working setup.

Yes, there is a specific place we recommend for best camera placement and we talk about it here: Redirecting...

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