Offset adjustment I don't get it

I have adjusted the Scan Compensation Adjustment and get the values and in the test, a correct result, but when I send a definitive job, it goes wrong

My tests

My scan settings

My result

I’ve done more than 70 or 100 tests, but I don’t know what to do anymore. Any help please.

Thank you so much

This might be worth a review if you haven’t already.

What is your laser? To me that looks more like wobble in the motion system than scanning problems.

I have my own MK1 Laser, and it is true that it has a small slug, but the left and right offset should be correct. If we look at the photo, it seems that the square is correct, but when I put the name, it is no longer correct.


I have made the adjustments of that page, but I am not able to get a good scan finish

A negative number in the Line Shift column? Is that allowed?
And I would expect the required numbers to grow larger as speed increases. Something is weird there…

I will test positive, but I think I already did.

I have started again, from 0, and these are my results.

I think the best results with at 100 mm / s = +0.02 and at 200 mm / s = +0.04.

I’m going to change a piece now to remove the wobble, but that wouldn’t have to give me problems with offset scanning.

I don’t know what opinion you have.

I have to say, the software I like the most is LightBurn, but I had to try others to rule out that my problem is software. I have done tests with Laserweb, and those offset does not appear in the edges of each letter as you can see. I don’t know what to do, since when I make a 35x10 mm rectangle, it works out well.



Mi config

Are you using M3 or M4 mode in LaserWeb?

Turn off the scanning offset adjust, then use LightBurn to save the GCode of a small box. Run the result in an online simulator like this one:

If it was an issue with the software, everyone would have it, not just you, so it is somehow related to your settings or your machine, but we have to figure out why.

In both cases, I am using M4

In Laserweb, you can see how the edges of the letters come out more straight. I have deactivated the scan offset in LigthBurn. I send photos and Gcode of the 4 scans.

If you need to know more, you tell me and I send you the necessary information

The only real difference in the code is that you have 12mm of overscan in LaserWeb, but only about 7.5mm in LightBurn. Try increasing the overscan amount in LightBurn by about double.

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