Offset and fill not working

Hello, I am new to laser engraving, i have a cloud ray 50w galvo laser runnning on jvc i think. my laser works amazing in line but when i put the laser in to offset fill or fill the laser will start and just complete a small portion of the assignment or it will just not do anything, also if the laser doesnt fire for offset or fill, line doesnt work after, if it turn off the laser and back on line work flawlessly again

please help ive tried everything i can but i also dont know everything i can try

In LightBurn there’s a Preview window. Click the Icon in the top row that looks like a flat monitor on a stand (it’s toward the middle of the row). The Preview should be a faithful rendering of the output you’ll see when the project is sent to the engraver.

If the unwanted or somehow incomplete Fill behavior produced by the laser matches what you see in the preview window, then we adjust the project to get you what you want. If the fill behavior doesn’t match the preview then we attempt to find out why and replicate the behavior on another computer here.

If you’re willing and interested, you’re welcome to post your LightBurn project in a reply here. I’d be happy to take a look. Other folks often jump in to help too.

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