Offset between head 1 and head2

I am new to the forum and was wondering if anyone is having an offset issue between head 1 and head 2. I have enabled controls for laser 2 and have offset enabled, i measured and inserted the difference and nothing seems to happen when i choose laser2. Do i have to calibrate camera for each head? is there a work around?

If I’m correct… they said double head won’t work with camera

Im not as worried about the cameras but trying to get the actual offset to wok.

Can you describe in what way it isn’t working? That should be a fixed offset.

for example, in my mach4 software on my cnc for offsets when i create them i have 4 setpoints. one for camera to spindle, spindle to camera, camera to laser and laser to spindle. depending on what i want to do, it physically takes that offset into consideration on the moves when i toggle between them. Now that i created an actual laser machine i was thinking that when i chose head 1 for cutting and engraving that would be the position i calibrated when i did the camera cal, and when i selected to use head 2 that it would move over by the offset value i have listed above. but now i am wondering if this has to be a metric value not an imperial value. maybe my offset has to be in mm.

It’s almost certainly in metric. Surprised it’s not listed that way.

I believe this is fundamentally how it’s expected to work. You choose the laser head in-play for each cut/layer setting. LightBurn uses the offset to determine how to adjust laser 2 position to align correctly.

The laser 2 offset itself represents the physical offset from laser 1 to laser 2. Right now this only works for laser heads that have a fixed offset. This won’t work on independently controlled heads.

Yes that is how i understand it. both my heads are connected together, and move at the same time. Current with the offset that i have i dont notice head 2 offsetting by the value i have put in. I figured the only time i would see it is when i hit start.

Do you mean to say that no offset occurs with laser 2 at all? Or is it that laser 2 offsets but not to the distance specified?

I may be wrong but I would expect framing to work with the designated laser head.

I dont see the offset in framing or starting. im gonna try switching my numbers over to metric. In lightburn if i place a circle in the center of my worktable when i select head 1 it frames and runs where i put the circle, but when i shut head1 off and turn on head 2 and frame or run, head 1 is still in position regardless of offset numbers.

YAY That was it!!! The offset value needs to be in mm not inches! Brainstorming with folks definetly help the mind. Thanks for the help! :+1:

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Nice. Glad you got it.

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