Offset command crashes Lightburn?

I’m using version 1.6.00 and regardless of how complex or simple the shape, file, object, etc., when I select the offset command, the program locks up and then just shuts down. Never tried using the command on previous versions so I have no idea if that’s an issue or not. Anyone else experience this?

Hi Chris.

Would it be possible for you to share an example LBRN file of the object Prior to offset command and also what settings you using on the offset command.

Would like to try to replicate my end with your exact steps.

I have Lightburn (and the file) on my laptop at the house. I can upload it this evening after work. Offset command setting are irrelevant though because it immediate locks up so I can’t even change the offset settings.

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Thank you
I am so far unable to Replicate,

Is this also using your Xtool D1 profile?

Would like to ask too the following
Launch LightBurn > Help menu > Enable Debug Log

Do the offset test.
Once and if Lightburn crashes go to Documentes, locate the file lightburn.txt and please send it to


Yes, Xtool D1. I will do the Debug Log this evening. Thank you.

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I figured out what the issue was. I needed to ungroup the image so i could select the outer perimeter only to offset. I was selecting the entire project. Lol. Thanks

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