Offset fill direction and moving z between cuts

Two questions, is it possible to change the direction (clockwise/anticlockwise) that the cnc takes when using offset fill?
Second question is is there a way to force the cnc to raise the z back to 0 between engraving sections? Ie on a text file it tends to engrave little bits all over the place, if I had a z offset applied on the fill, I want it to go back to z0 before moving between all these little bits.

I understand it’s not required for laser cutting, but if these things were possible then it would also make lightburn a powerful tool for other cnc uses, for example mounting a sharpie to the head, or a spindle. This way I wouldn’t need to use different softwares for my 2 machines, when lightburn Is clearly far superior in both performance and features and ease of use. Is this something that can be done, or added?


Ps, I know there’s other software out there, that is NOT my question.

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