Offset Fill doesn't take into account Power Scale settings on shapes

I wanted to burn a test piece using Offset Fill, and set up a file that I used before for normal Fill.
Layer setup is pretty basic, 7 different layers, 1000 mm/min, 100% Power. Power Scale settings were 5% to 30% in 2.5% increments, interval between 0.1 and 0.4 in 0.05 increments…
When I pressed start, it began with a 5% shape but immediately the wood caught on fire, something tells me that Offset Fill doesn’t use Power Scale settings… Is this a bug or I misconfigured something at my end?
I’m running a Sculpfun S9 (GRBL, 5.5W) on Win11.
LE: never had any issues running the test file with regular Fill + line sublayers. For this Offset test i removed the line sublayer.

I can confirm that power scale doesn’t seem to work with Offset Fill.

Tagging @Rick and @LightBurn for comment.

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engraving OFFSET 5-30PWR 0.1-0.4INT 1000SPD.lbrn (361.7 KB)
I’m attaching my test file, maybe it’ll help to take a look.
Not sure what’s the difference between saving as .lbrn and .lbrn2 and if it can affect the actual engraving logic regarding Power Scale and Offset.

So sorry all, I missed this in the traffic somehow. :grimacing: Thank you all for bringing this to our attention.

I am able to reproduce and will generate a report for further investigation.


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