Offset fill failure

I have been trying to laser burn the image of a paper type scroll onto a piece of wood with some writing in the middle

If I set the outline of the scroll to lines, the whole process works and lasers everything properly and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

It looks ok but I really wanted the outline of the scroll to be filled rather that 2 separate lines. I set the scroll lines to fill in the layers and hit the preview and it said 4 hours! I sent it anyway and it worked and looks good but 4 hours is too long to repeat it. I then set the lines to offset fill, hit preview and it gave me an estimated time of just over the original, so I have it a go. For some reason it does a part of the scroll and fails at the same part everytime and sounds like the motors are stuck like when you would get to the end of either axis but the laser is no where near the limit of and of the axis.

Can you take screengrabs of your settings as well as upload the file and take photos of the product? Hard to really figure anything out without much information.

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Will do that when I get home from work. Any settings in particular that would be best to grab ?

Just everything really.

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