Offset Fill issues with half the fill

So, I have been trying to make use of offset fill to save lots of machine time when I have a border (either 2 squares or 2 circles together to make a thin border) and it does cut the time way down but it always goes around one direction for half of the fill nice and smoothly but for some reason on the second half it reverses direction and it sort of studders doing so (going to try and upload a video).

Also I did a square border recently and noticed when it did the second half, it overlapped 1 line and left a noticeable dark line dead center of the border because it hit this part twice, once going counterclockwise and one once going clockwise.

So, why does it not just do the entire fill in one direction in the first place, and second why when it reverses does it stutter like it’s going to stop.

So why do I still use it? Simple, this particular job previewed at 2h 20m with normal fill (and optimized to do each separately was fastest) but with offset fill the total job time was 25m so I basically saved 2 hours.

OK, so it looks like I can’t upload a video of it happening.

Mac, latest Lightburn, Omtech CO2 60w laser.

You can’t upload directly to the forum. You need to host it somewhere else like public Google drive or YouTube.

Lightburn can generate the GCode much, much faster than the controller can accept it. I think the controller is telling Lightburn it needs more processing time, thus halting the smooth flow of the text string.

That said, I suspect the issue is with the laser, not with Lightburn.

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