Offset of circle is not centered over original circle

When using offset on a circle the offset is not centered over the original circle

That would be the first time I’ve ever seen that. Can you elaborate?

On my system, for example, offsetting a circle produces another at exactly the same center point:


Occasionally, because of the way the offsetting engine works, you might see a difference of 1 or 2 thousandths of a mm, but that’s far below any accuracy threshold of your laser.

I imported an dxf that was created in my cad/cam program(bobcad).
I then selected the circle that is inside of a box. I used your offset function to create a offset .01 smaller. When i click on the new circle it is not ncentered on the original circle. I also moved the box and circle to the upoer left. When I did an offset on the box in that position it was also not centered.

Can you post a screen shot of what you mean?

‘Not centered’ doesn’t tell me very much, and 0.01 is a very small offset - you’re getting close to the tolerances used by the app for things like arc recovery and simplification. It’s primarily for visual editing, not CAD. Your laser has a kerf of about 0.05mm.

You could make your circles, then select all of them and click the icon to center the vertical and horizontal centers.

In this picture, which circle will have the “reference” center. Will last two move their centers to the first one or will the new center be the at the average of all of centers?

Last selected is always the reference.

And you still haven’t shown what yours is actually doing.

Just noticed, if the circles are created with the mouse it’s always the last one created that’s the reference, not the last one selected. Unless you select them 1 by 1.
You can create 10 at random places on the screen and select any one at random, that would be the last one selected. But when you select them all with the mouse in a bounding box it’s always the last one you created that is the reference point. Same with squares and regular polygons.

This is intentional, but takes longer to explain. :slight_smile:

:smile: Fair enough.

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