Offset Shape not working

Sorry gent’s i seem to have forgot what i did, i normally make keyrings and type the name required, then just click offset shape and it put’s a line around it, following the contour of the text, but for some reason i’m trying to do one tonight, and each time i click offset shape the text disappears, i must be forgetting to do something but can’t for the life of me think what!!!..
Also since update while engraving it runs back and forth, but then for some reason slows then speeds back up, not missing any steps and engrave looks great,

Do you have the "Delete original objects " box checked?


For the engraving, what is your DPI / interval setting at when engraving? If its an image, and the DPI is too high, it might slow down if you have a diode machine. Your profile shows “bosquet28” for your machine, which doesn’t tell me anything at all - we’re looking for what kind of controller it has, like Ruida, GRBL, etc.

Hiya oz yep i do have delete original checked, from a previous job, just normal text not picture, and c3d board. I’ll try today again after work and un-check delete box.

@LightBurn yeah it was the problem oz cheers, must be the tiredness kicking in, and forgot i had used it during a previous job, thank’s very much once again for quick action response.

I must be doing something wrong. I did an offset with bevel and had the same boxes you checked and the preview did not show the bevel and when I did engrave it did show the bevel. using just text. xcarve with 7w jtech laser

I was selecting inward. but when using outward it worked

The type of corner matters - If I have a shape with both convex and concave corners, not all will bevel or round, depending on the direction of the offset:


The upper corners round or bevel when going outward, but the middle-left corner only rounds inward, because of the way the lines being offset intersect (or don’t).

This is what happens when you offset the blue shape outward:

Where the lines don’t meet, curves or bevels are added to fill in the gaps, but notice the middle-left corner - Those lines overlap, so that overlap is just snipped off and left as is. It’s just the way offsetting works.

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