Offset Shapes issue

How do I get Offset Shapes to work with the attached?

spiral-test.lbrn (57.8 KB)

Unlock the shape, then ungroup as many times as needed to split off the parts. Select the node tool and join the unjoined portions. I had to locate maybe four or five, possibly six locations that were not connected to the rest of the spiral.

Once I had the complete circuit as one joined line, all is well.

Honest question here. Was this a trick challenge? I was really struggling to understand how this design became so cryptically locked on so many levels.

Actually, I reloaded the file and started over and in doing so, I think it wasn’t the file giving me problems. @LightBurn, if you download / open the file attached to this thread and attempt to unlock the shape in Shape Properties, you will experience what I found:

That would indicate some of the selection locked, some not. But unlocking through the shape properties window never actually unlocks the elements.

Only through the arrange menu (Unlock Selected Shapes) would it unlock.

Not a trick question.
Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity

So funny you use that quote. It is one that I often wonder, does it mean:

Subject A’s behavior is the result of Subject A’s unintentional stupidity, so Subject B should not think Subject A’s behavior was purposefully malicious.


Subject A’s behavior should not be mistaken for malice by Subject B on the basis of Subject B’s ignorance.

You have me thinking about this one again.

I meant the first one … the stupidity is mine.

I wonder if there could be a message when attempting to use Offset Shapes on a figure that is not closed, similar to when attempting a fill on such a figure.

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