Offset tool generating rough shapes

Hello, I am trying to do an offset and I am getting shapes with visible vertices and line segments. I was working at a very small scale, I tried enlarging the object and it seemed to fix it. Is it true that offset does not work well at small scale? or is this a glitch?

Now I am noticing that the boolean operations generate inaccurate shapes too so I guess this is normal for working at very high zoom for anything that mathematically generates shapes that are really really small?

How small are we talking about? The software produces output to a given precision, based on some assumptions about lasers. If you’re not using it to produce engine parts, the tolerances should be fine, but yes, it’s based on physical measurements, so if you’re trying to offset a 1mm shape by 0.1mm, it will be less smooth than offsetting something of a more reasonable size.

The next release doubles the precision of all of these operations, but there has to be a limit.

Understandable. Yes I am zoomed in all the way trying to subtract two shapes that are no bigger than .0088 inch, I just never noticed this limit before and wanted to make sure it was known. Good to hear about the double precision. Thanks for always helping out Oz, and the rest of the Lightburn community!

At that scale, the kerf of the beam is going to be larger than the details of those shapes, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

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