Offset X-Axis by 4mm

Hey guys!

I‘m using a Neje 3 Max v2 with the E40 Module and trying to CUT 5mm MDF, which is where I‘ve encountered some problems that I can‘t seem to make sense of.
Since the module isnt powerful enogh but I don‘t want to settle for warped poplar plywood, I decided to attempt cutting from two sides by using a flipped image.
I‘ve set up stop blocks to be able to make repeatable cuts as well as using an outline path the size of my workpieces within lightburn, having disabled the output, for placement reference/alignment.
The positioning and alignment of my workpieces works perfectly, but once i flip the image, I get ann offset of 4mm ONLY on the X-Axis, Y-Axis is still spot on.
I‘ve tried using different methods of flipping the image, either within adobe illustrator, exporting two different filed for each front and back and then combining both files in lightburn, as well as using the flip/mirror tool form lightburns‘ toolbar, all with the same result.
This has all worked once before, but since I didn‘t use stopblocks at the time, I wan‘t able to perfectly repicate the position of my workpiece.
What setting could i be missing?
Could different channels have different offsets applied to different axisssess (plural, duh! axes?)?
Cutting paths are groupef and perfectly centered both horizontically and vertically within the referential workarea btw.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :heart:

and by „outline path“ i am referring to whats called a bounding box

I’ve never tried doing what you describe. Are you grouping the cut layers with the “tool” layer and flipping the whole group as one or just flipping the cut layers? If flipping as a group, can you snap the bounding box back to 0,0 or whatever you use as your hard stop location?

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