Okay I really need assistance I have LOST FILL FUNCTION

I was working on simple vector art for a personal project.

  • Nothing I have tried allows me to “fill objects”

  • I use outline to “outward outline” my object making sure not crossed lines

  • I only wanted a boarder around my decoration and NO fill mode will activate.

  • Even when I just draw two circles and check the fill function.
    I am at a loss cooling my jets for the night.

Thank you for your responses

Hi Robert
do you have the “Filled rendering” turned on?

YEs I do I was working and decided to restart computer seems to have fixed the problem , however a setting called “view style” if these settings are not right you will have this problem as well. thank you for your response

Good morning Bob. I’m glad it got fixed and thank you for the info. Take care

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