Old bug reared it's head again in 1.6.00

Yesterday, I had modified a multiple piece file to fit the project I was designing. When I tried to export the finished design as an .svg file, the export would not display properly, giving just a black box covering the entire exported workspace. A search of old topics found that this had been a bug in a much older version. Being relatively new to Lightburn, I had not encountered this problem before and it had worked in all the previous versions I had used since getting my original laser and started using lighburn. I had done all the upgrades since and it was working properly in v1.5.06. Now again in 1.6.00 the export function seems to have reverted to that old bug. I had to remove 1.6.00 and reinstall 1.5.06 to get things to work again. Please look into this.

Hello Jim,

This is a known issue that slipped in 1.6 and was already identified and will be patched on the next release.

Check your private message please.

Sent a private message a few days ago Gil, and it is indeed working in the fix you sent me. The next major public release should fix it for everybody.

Thanks. This thread may now be closed as the solution has been realized.

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