Older versions are still installed on Windows 10

Hi all, sorry if this has been asked before but I can’t find anything.

What can I do with previously installed versions of Lightburn. I have a fairly small SSD in my laptop and noticed when clearing through some space that Windows thinks I have the previous versions installed.

Am I OK to uninstall these or will I break everything by doing so?

Many thanks


They’re not actually installed or taking up space - notice that in 0.6.02 they stop showing up. This was because of the way the older versions were named - the installer left the record of the software in the uninstall logs, even though the actual files were removed.

You can uninstall them to get rid of the old install records, but you will need to re-install the latest version when you’re done, as they all go into the same folder, and use the same files. Uninstalling the old ones will actually remove the files used by the current version too. (I hope I’ve explained that well enough - it’s a bit confusing)

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Indeed, message received and understood.

You had me at they are not taking up space so I will leave them there until I inevitably end up reinstalling Windows at some point.

Thank you

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