OLM3 homes to x-axis origin but not y-axis

Hello i recently upgrade from olm2 to a olm3 but i cannot seem to make it work.
When i frame an object the x and y axis move perfectly fine. but when I “home” after framing, only x axis moves but y axis remains at the exact same location and does not return to zero. I’ve used lightburn for about 4 years with my OLM2 but I am not sure if the OLM3 has a different setting im not using. thank you

It sounds like you may have a mechanical issue with your laser. you may have assembled a few parts in the wrong order on the Y-axis pullys or overtightened the screws holding the pullys in. This can cause the controller to think the Y axis is already homed as it could have additional resistance when the laser goes home making it think it has hit a limit.

Make sure the washer that is installed on the Y axis pullys is between the pully and the frame and try loosening the screws that the pullys spin on. The screws only need to be snug, not tight as there are set screws to hold them in place.

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i appreciate it. ill try that

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