Omtech 70 watt Material Library

Just a question… have had my laser for a few months and absolutely love it… have the Camera dialed in perfectly and all the other stuff… I haven’t taken advantage of the material library… do I need to enter all settings or does it download a library according to your laser… was just wondering and unfortunately I’m not in front of laser until tomorrow and wanted to ask this question

You’ll need to populate the library based on your settings. There is nothing pre-populated.

Even if it could be ‘pre populated’ it would only be a ‘guess’ or starting point for your machine.

You will find that they don’t ‘port’ easily. Every machine has its idiosyncrasies that you have to deal with.

The library feature is a great part of lightburn, I encourage you to use it.

I set up my entries, 1.5", 2", 4", Compound. Each lens has various materials with related speeds & feeds.


You should be backing up anything and everything you don’t wish to loose…


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