OMTech 80 Watt Laser Lost Power

I have an 80 watt OMTech laser that stopped engraving mid project. The red dot laser still works and it keep tracking and moving as if it was engraving. After some tests, I can confirm that it is not the mirrors. The laser is firing out of the nozzle, but the power is SUPER low. I turned the max power up to 50% and held the pulse button down and was finally able to get the paper to burn out of the nozzle after a few seconds.

Is it my Power Supply box, does it need to be replaced? It’s working and not burnt out. All of the pieces you normally trouble shoot are working but the power is not there for some reason.

So far I have checked - mirrors, pulse test, door magnets, connections, cords, etc.

The most likely suspect is the tube, it’s the ‘consumable’.

Do the lowest power pulse you can at mirror 1 (m1) and see if the tube is resonating properly to give you a TEM0 type of output. If it’s other than TEM0, points to the tube… lowest power meaning the lowest that you can see the beam pattern power distribution on the target.


Thanks, I was afraid it might be. I had to turn the power up to 95% before I could see a burn mark on the pulse test.

I would do a power line test… look on YouTube … because it could be tube or power supply

It’s not the mains…

Did you get anything out of the M1 burn that shows it’s resonating ok?


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