Omtech 80 Watt that only sends Full Power no matter the power settings

I have an Omtech ZF2440-80 - 80W CO2 DUAL LASER ENGRAVER. When I send my items to it in Light Burn no matter the power settings it only does FULL POWER. this happens on both lasers (dual laser machine). This leads me to think it is something to do with Light burn.

This is my 2nd 80 watt laser, I had a Omtech single head laser that I replaced with this one. I used it for over 2 years. So I’m pretty good with working both with Lightburn & the lasers. I lost the old one and my old computer in a shop fire in March.

If you have a voltmeter, you can check the pwm outputs of the Ruida for the proper values. If it’s 50% pwm it will read 50% of 5V (2.5V), same with other percentage power values.

If it’s making it to the lps, then it’s an lps problem, if not it’s likely a controller issue… no need to power up the lps…

It’s odd that both lase at 100% as both are driven by different signals from the controller…

Check the voltages…


the voltage meter reads the same no matter what the power is set on.

If the voltmeter reads 5V then the controller is setting to full power…

Was the lps without power when you checked the voltage out of LPWM1 of the Ruida or IN on the lps?

Just want to be sure the controller is telling it to lase at 100%


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