Omtech k40 upgrade control board

I’ve been pulling my hair out with ohmtech support, I’m installing a lightobject z bed and on their board I plug in the stepper motor and I can control it from lightburn without even activating the z axes, problem is I want to install 2 limit switches z+ and z- . they only have one three pin jst connecter for this and they told me to combine the two ground wires and connect to the center pin and the other two each connect to left and right pins . wired it up but it has no effect. emailed them again and was told I need to configure them but they didnt tell me how. They are difficult to understand and I am not a tech just a smokie from muskokie !! can you steer me to a solution. GRBL I get (smoothie) not so much

Have you reviewed the guides from Cohesion 3D on adding limit switches? I suspect most of that will carry over to OMTech board.

The second link below shows how you would test the limit switches. That will give you an idea if they’re being triggered or not.

Take a look through these and circle back if you run into issues.

Installing Endstops / Limit Switches - Cohesion3D
Installing Z-Table Endstops / Limit Switches - Cohesion3D

What kind of limit switches did you get that have three wires?

These sound like hall effect switches and don’t work like you’ve been advised. As the descriptions so far have been for mechanical switches.

Might give us a link…


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