OMTech MF 50 help 2 part

Hello, first time on lightburn and or using it. I had a 50w fiber and bought a 50w co2 from OMTech, in test burnings I am getting decent results on wood but on stainless the lower part of a sign went great but as it got further up it started to fade out in the lettering.I had it on 75% and I forget the speed but it was looking really good but the last line or actually the top line as it went bottom to top on the machine it faded out badly. Any ideas why the first 3 lines would be good and then fade? I am new to this machine but thought you folks here could save me some time. Thanks in advance.

Don’t use a co2 on metals unless you are lasing a coating to/from the metal.

Doing a small piece of stainless on mine cost me the lens… Results, not the best, so they really don’t work well for metals…

The perfect machine for metals is your fiber… why aren’t you using it?


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I wanted to actually get more into the wood burning and portraits in granite and wood so this was only a side special thing that I was just trying to make a label on. I see so many videos of them using the CO2 on mugs and cups of stainless and it says etching so I appreciate you saying as much.